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Institutional Analyst Inc has received compensation from 
American Brewing/New Age Beverages, the Alkaline Water Company and Life On Earth Inc., for providing coverage including research reports and news updates, for those Companies - which is additionally listed and updated in the individual reports. 

American Brewing/New Age Beverages, click here: Report 100,000 shares from Company or the equivalent of 17,000 per month.

Alkaline Water Company, click here: $25,000 and 12,000 shares. Report or the equivalent of $2,000 per month and 1,000 shares per month from Company.

ForeverGreen, click here: Report $2,500 per month.

LifeOnEarth, click here: $7,500 and 120,000 shares Report or the equivalent of $2,500 per month and 20,000 shares per month from Company.

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...and yes, we get tips from bartenders who alerted us to the early success of Fireball, whose sales jumped from $1.9 million in 2011 to a spectacular $61 million last year. 

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